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Making your customer the hero - 7 steps to successful brand storytelling

Feeling like a hero means feeling like you can take on anything.
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It’s a formula that’s worked for countless movies and books — and it can work for your brand too.
  1. Define your hero.
    What kinds of customers do you have? Depending on your number of audiences, you may need to create unique brand stories for each one.
  2. Define their challenges.
    What do your customers care about? Dig deep into what challenges and motivates them.
  3. Introduce their guide.
    This is where your business comes in. Earn your customer’s confidence by showing why you’re uniquely equipped to solve their challenges.
  4. Present a plan.
    Once your customers understand why your business is best suited to provide the best solutions, clearly explain how you’ll achieve their desired results.
  5. Call them to action.
    What do you need from your customers to build momentum? Don’t be shy – ask for exactly what’s needed to solve that challenge you defined in Step 2.
  6. Show them success…
    What will happen if your customer buys from your business? Paint a clear picture of how their support will impact your organization or business.
  7. ...and failure.
    Outlining the risks of not frequenting your business brings urgency to your mission and can motivate your customers to act more quickly.

Now that you’ve shaped your story around your customer, find fresh ways to tell it to them – so they can achieve hero status.

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