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A distinct identity within 
a Chicago landmark

A distinct identity within a Chicago landmark

As the leading trading platform for digitally formatted securities, Openfinance is improving opportunities for investors and issuers. In the wake of its successful fundraising round, the fintech startup needed to develop a professional brand presence quickly – and needed the right partner to do it.


The Farehouse brand identity will strike a harmonius cord to the past


  • Brand strategy
  • Logo development
  • Visual identity
  • Message mapping
  • Pesona profiles
  • Editorial guidelines
  • Style guide
  • Design templates
  • Website consulting
  • Content marketing
Where past, present and community collide

Visual treatments take cues from currency and banknotes with vibrant pops of color and minimalistic layouts. The intricacies and precision in the guilloche patterns make for interesting graphic textures and evoke feelings of security, trust and legitimacy. Use of fine dot matrix patterns and typography reference digital ticker boards. Use of bold type showcases confidence and trust. These unique treatments reinforce OpenFinance’s work to create a new trading format that stands apart from both the traditional and crypto worlds.

  • Established the company’s first content marketing program, resulting in 300+ content downloads, 30% email campaign open rates, and enhanced brand awareness
  • New marketing efficiencies: A defined visual brand strategy and ready-to-use templates not only help Openfinance create marketing materials more quickly but at a higher level.
  • A pipeline of possibilities: Openfinance is successfully using its content marketing program to generate high-quality marketing leads, resulting in investor growth as well as new opportunities with larger partners.
“Statement brings a thoughtfulness and 
curiosity to their work that results in creative, out-of-the-box solutions. They make my life so much easier, and the response in the marketplace really underscores the significance of the work we’ve done together.”
Emily Kohler Sala, marketing director, openfinance

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