Cure epilepsy

Cure epilepsy

Defining an epilepsy research leader

Defining an epilepsy research leader

CURE Epilepsy is the nonprofit leader in epilepsy research, raising more than $70 million over the last 20+ years to fund progress toward a cure. When CURE wanted to share its remarkable story with donors in a new way, it turned to Statement.


We partnered with CURE to produce the organization’s first-ever impact report. Weaving together data and stories, the biannual report captures how CURE is advancing discovery and inspiring hope across the epilepsy community. The piece has quickly become a centerpiece of CURE Epilepsy's communications, and we’ve continued to work closely with the nonprofit — developing a new logo and brand refresh.


  • Brand strategy
  • Logo development
  • Visual identity
  • Foundational messaging
  • Content creation
  • Design
  • Print management

  • Launched CURE’s first-ever impact report, now a twice-yearly printed publication
  • Supported a significant increase in year-end donations through the impact report
  • Selected to lead a full refresh of CURE’s brand identity, including a logo refresh, visual branding and foundational messaging

Key brand adjectives

A brand identity refresh

CURE’s mission is laser focused –  funding patient-focused research to find a cure for epilepsy. At the same time, CURE is an organization with a caring and inspirational tone showcased through the actions of the community – patients, caregivers, family members, friends and researchers. Our goal was to capture this through a new brand identity.

We took CURE’s foundational brand elements and built dimension through color adjustments and modern typography additions, created bold graphics and patterns influenced by science, and paired them with human-centered photography.

Working with Statement is like working with a true partner. They listen to what you need, create an approach and work hand-in-hand with you to deliver — all while doing the heavy lifting to create on-brand, on-message materials that delight."
Debby Hecht, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, cure epilepsy

A new logomark

Formerly called Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE), the nonprofit approached us with the challenge to create an iconic mark that would reflect its dedication to funding and promoting patient-focused research. It was important to weave Epilepsy back into their name. After in-depth exploration, we arrived at our solution. The CURE Epilepsy logo is a play on a microscope, with curved lines that convey a sense of motion and advancement. Solid shapes stop the lines abruptly – a metaphor for the nonprofit's mission to end epilepsy.

Spring 2020 impact report

Bold, modern layouts and colors are designed to highlight CURE’s role at the forefront of epilepsy research. The “ReSearching for a CURE” theme is echoed throughout the materials, reinforcing that scientific discovery is the only path to curing this devastating condition. Stories of breakthroughs and stories of patients sit side by side, reminding readers at every turn why CURE is fighting each day.

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