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An environmental remediation and construction leader turned to Statement to build a modern site that would let its reputation shine through.


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2021 Graphic Design USA Website Design Winner


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Brief & Strategy

Connecting the Dots Between Ice Cream and Geotechnical Construction

For 30 years, ENTACT has helped clients solve big environmental remediation and construction challenges. Yet its reputation as a partner and problem-solver was getting lost in its dense, technical website.

To create a more engaging site, we first led a discovery session where the team shared their frustrations: long text-heavy pages, inconsistent visuals and an unintuitive user experience. ENTACT pointed to everything from competitors to a popular artisanal ice cream brand as inspiration. We worked with ENTACT to understand the “why?” behind the inspiration and articulate a new brand vision: personal, approachable and ready to fix whatever needs fixing.

Visual Identity

A Human-Centric Design Approach

Statement broadened ENTACT's color palette to provide greater design flexibility. ENTACT’s condensed fonts were problematic for web legibility, so we also introduced new typography, showcased in bold stat callouts throughout the site. Video and scroll-triggered animation created energy and excitement (bonus: the chance to show off ENTACT’s drone footage).

Content Strategy

From Technical Provider to True Partner

The messaging for ENTACT focused on showing WHO the company is, not just what they do. Active language, bite-sized content, and plenty of social proof draws in potential clients, showing how they can partner with ENTACT to complete even complex projects successfully.

SEO Optimization and Google Ads

Driving Engagement After Launch

Building a modern, UX-friendly site was a big step for ENTACT – and the next was ensuring the right people could find it. Since it can take years for clients to choose a partner for their projects, it’s important for ENTACT to be top of mind throughout the consideration process. We combined search engine marketing with organic SEO to put ENTACT front and center whenever someone’s looking for an environmental remediation solution.