Openfinance Brand & Content Marketing Buildout

In the wake of its successful fundraising round, the fintech startup needed to develop a professional brand presence quickly – and needed the right partner to do it.


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Brief & Strategy

Brand Strategy Workshop and Insights

As a trading platform for digital alternative assets, Openfinance aimed to make this outdated and exclusive corner of the financial markets available to more investors. Creating a brand that conveyed both innovation and legitimacy was critical to encourage people to participate in the first digital securities marketplace. Statement led an in-person discovery workshop and a competitive brand audit, using those findings to build a visual and messaging identity that took the trustworthy feel of financial services branding in a fresh direction.

Brand Messaging

Educating and Engaging a Broad Investor Base

To connect with a diverse audience that included individual investors, institutions, and securities issues, Statement developed core positioning for Openfinance as well as more targeted, persona-based messaging. The resulting messaging toolkit provided the brand with ready-to-use copy for written communications as well as 1-1 conversations.  

Visual Identity

A trustworthy, modern fintech brand

We took cues from the intricacies and precision of currency and banknotes to create visual patterns and textures. We also built a color palette that balances versatility with vibrancy to engage a diverse range of audiences. Paired with minimalistic layouts, these elements make for a brand identity that evokes feelings of security, trust and legitimacy. Finally, we developed a new logomark, featuring microdots that radiate outward, illustrating how the brand is opening up a universe of new possibilities.

UI icons for the Openfinance platform

Creation of a brand style guide for the organization

Content Marketing Partnership

From Identity to Impact

With its new brand in place, Openfinance continued to partner with Statement on its content marketing program. We created a content calendar and produced blogs, case studies, guides, and collateral for the brand – establishing its reputation as a thought leader in this emerging industry.


Quick Results and Lasting Impact