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Tides Website Refresh

A website refresh for a social impact mobilizer working toward a more just world.


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Brief & Strategy

Shifting the Brand Story

Based in the Bay Area, Tides connects funders and changemakers around the world to advance social justice. In 2022, Tides went through a rebrand, announcing its intention to advance equity by centering leaders from communities historically denied power. Tides turned to Statement to bring its rebrand alive on its new website. 

Tides wanted a partner that could infuse its new brand vision into every aspect of the site – from messaging to design and interactions – to create a cohesive and distinctive online experience. By integrating content, design, and SEO into a unified creative strategy for the site, we broke down silos in the creative process to tell a powerful and immersive story.

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Content Strategy & Copywriting

Digitally Optimized Messaging That Educates and Inspires

Tides is a multifaceted organization with numerous offerings and audiences – including some aspects that were changing in real time as the nonprofit adopted its new brand. Its website needed to simplify these complexities, striking a balance between informative and inspirational to help users understand Tides’ offerings and take action. An equity-led approach to the messaging was also essential to reflect Tides’ commitment to advancing social justice by centering historically excluded communities.

Through a series of interviews with Tides stakeholders, Statement developed a set of key messages and voice and tone parameters that aligned with its strategic goals. We then created content for more than 40 pages, establishing a consistent structure for each page type that would simplify user navigation and future content development for Tides. Since each page had its own subject matter expert, we managed an in-depth feedback process that created space for the team’s diverse perspectives while upholding consistency throughout the site content.


Enhancing Content Reach with SEO Expertise

Tides wanted its new website to function as a powerful business development tool, announcing its new mission to the world and engaging a broad network of donors and community leaders. Statement brought in an SEO partner to devise a plan for maximum reach. First, we analyzed competitor strategies and conducted research to develop a comprehensive keyword strategy for the site. We then optimized on- and off-page text, including title tags, meta descriptions, headers and body copy. Leveraging insights, we also conducted an internal link audit to reinforce core topics, recommended URL updates, and analyzed the site architecture – helping to boost site visibility with key audiences as well as search engines.

Website Design

Shaping Social Justice Change

Our aim was to craft a flexible design system that not only reflected Tides' story but also set the stage for the entire brand. We developed a concept highlighting momentum and collaboration, emphasizing Tides' commitment to uniting people to reshape power dynamics. Our design approach focused on simplicity with impact. Basic shapes and elements merge, shift and scale, symbolizing the emergence of new opportunities. To combat information overload on a content-rich site, we made deliberate choices with spacing and information architecture to bring clarity without sacrificing visual appeal.

We developed a bold and vibrant palette that exudes confidence, while animated interactions guide users to actions on the site, ensuring continued engagement.

In 4 short weeks, we established the foundational design which would influence the buildout of the remaining site pages. We developed a UI kit for seamless handoff to Tides' development partner for execution.


A Vibrant Site Built To Advance a Bold Vision

Tides’ new site is a true reflection of the organization: bold, persuasive, and built to fuel change. The nonprofit now has a powerful tool for forging partnerships, securing funds, and sharing its vision for the future – helping to move us all toward a more just and equitable world.